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Very first post!

Title: Nirvana
Author: Lola [vintagelola]
Beta: The glorious puterpatty
Pairing: Viggorli
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Orlando’s erotic dream come true.
Feedback: Loved + adored.
Warning: Not much on this ficlet, save to say that I’m new the community, and this is my first post!
Disclaimer: I don’t claim own them, so don’t sue.
Archive: x-posted a couple of places.

God, I love how you feel in my mouth. Hard and silky smooth, sliding in between my lips as if I was created for this purpose and this purpose alone. Your taste lingers on my tongue, and never have I been so certain that Nirvana truly exists. I live to swallow your sweet liquid, an elixir of life that trickles down my throat as water from a glorious fountain.

My fingers trace your length, and I quiver with pleasure. Too divine, too utterly erotic. My flesh tingles in anticipation, my lips wet from juicy kisses to your girth. I wonder idly how it would feel to have you inside of me….

Careful. So very careful, sliding you against my flesh, against the essence of me. My personal entrance, a gateway to both my heart and soul. You play upon my arousal as nothing on earth can, twisting my desires until I'm reduced to a quivering mass of nerves.

You press inside of me, a beautifully slick weight curving around each bend of my body. Euphoria as your head hits that most delectable spot, and I cry out in ecstasy….

“ORLANDO!” Viggo yells, peeking his head through the crack of my half-open bedroom door. “What the hell are you doing with that popsicle?”
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