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Critical Ink

Good Job, Write More!!

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There was a time, when feedback used to be a neutral word, when people wouldn’t freak out if they received something more than "good job, write more" for feedback. However, lately, more and more people refer to it as praise for their fic, and react poorly when someone dares to tell them that their stories are less than perfect.

We don't think that constructive criticism is negative feedback. We also think that there are writers out there who would like honest comments on their work.

But more than anything, we formed this community for rather selfish reasons - we are tired of reading bad fic after bad fic. We would like a place where we know the fics will be, at a minimum, betaed and spell-checked. The occasional snarky remark is just an added bonus.

Some rules:

1. Age – By joining this community, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

2. Fandom – Only LOTR-Real Person Fiction or Slash for now. This is definitely open to change, if there is enough interest for other fandoms.

3. Topics – Pretty much anything goes, but must be posted under appropriate subject lines, so that people can avoid reading things they are not interested in. There are five possible subject lines:
a. FIC: Title [characters/pairings, part#] - Obviously, for posting fics
b. REC: Title [characters/pairings, part#] - Story recommendations. The initial post should be at least 100 words in length.
c. DIS: Subject of Discussion - Writing related questions/discussions, such as characterization of Sean Astin in fics or how Orlando should/shouldn’t start crying for no reason.
d. ADMIN: Announcement etc. - Used only by moderators. All members should read these posts.
e. OT: Subject of Discussion - Anything else that doesn’t fit into the categories above, such as Fran’s hair at the Oscars or movie discussions about Hidalgo.

4. Format – Proper headings are mandatory, and the post or story itself should be behind cut. The fic headings must contain at least the following fields: title, author, pairing (no surprises, please), rating, summary, content/warnings as needed (such as death-fic, non-con, BDSM, etc.), and disclaimers.

5. All posts in this community should be written in proper English; Chat-speak posts will be deleted immediately. Stories must be proofread and spellchecked.

6. Readers are encouraged to post their opinions about stories, and writers are encouraged to reply to their comments. Feel free to agree, disagree, and agree to disagree to your hearts’ content, as that is the reason this community came to be. However, while catfights are fun to watch, please keep the exchanges constructive and civilized. Honesty is good, but rudeness is not. Flaming will absolutely not be tolerated.

7. And finally, what is discussed in this community stays in this community. Only members have access to the posts. Please do not forward any posts to non-members.

8. Moderators reserve the right to change the rules as needed. Any changes will be posted to the community in an ADMIN post.

9. Questions, problems, comments, please send them to your moderators through email. Believe it or not, we are actually rather nice people. Mostly. ;)